Areas of Practice:

  1. Civil Law:

    • Matters relating to civil law in general:
      -Predominantly those legal matters relating to inheritance, family law, and real estate.
    • Real estate:  
      -Buying and selling of real estate, legal representation in contract negotiation, real estate inheritance laws, gifts involving property, property rentals, claims, expropriations, real estate claims by and against the State.
    • Management services:
      -Rent collection, legacies, asset management, collection of checks and other bills of exchange, etc.
    • Vehicular accidents – claims for reimbursements, including auto insurance claims.

  2. Labour Law

    • Workmen’s compensation and claims for work injuries.
    • Labour issues including labour contract fees.

  3. Public Law.

    • Tax law, predominantly with regard to income, V.A.T., and inheritances.
    • Public Law and court matters involving predominantly tax matters:
      -Representation before the Council of State, as well as administrative Courts concerning violations of State tax law versus individuals and/or legal entities.

  4. Business and Commercial Law

        • Laws regarding companies and other legal entities:
          -Legal advice and support from inception to liquidation, as well as legal guidance concerning matters of taxation during the carrying out of company business plans.
        • Competition Law (both Greek law and E.U. law).
        • Legal assistance on business dealings and collaborations from the aspect of Competition Law and relevant national and European legislation.
        • Matters of e-commerce.
        • Stock-exchange Law
        • Transport Law (by air, sea or land) of goods and individuals: claims and compensations.

Our philosophy: Preventive Law

Legal advice prior to each decision or action, thereby preventing individuals or legal entities from incurring unnecessary expenses and/or becoming involved in long-term legal disputes.